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Kids learn how to juggle the foods they eat to wind up with a balanced diet in this fun-filled, national award-winning show that makes nutrition come alive. Bringing the power of live theater, amazing feats of juggling, captivating characters, music, magic, and audience participation. FOODPLAY helps kids take charge of growing up healthy, happy and fit. Plus-standards-based activities extend the learning all year long.

ToBe Fit- The Juggling Nutrition Magician Show

A rollicking, fun-filled show featuring fantastic feats of juggling, circus arts, magic storytelling, and audience participation. Learn to juggle the foods you eat to wind up with a balanced diet! This healthful balancing act makes nutrition come alive for young audiences as they learn how to be fit...with ToBe Fit!

A fantastic, fun-filled program! Our kids and parents loved ToBe Fit, and they even said they were going to eat healthy after seeing it! I recommend this show to everyone! Elizabeth MacGregor, Program Director, Flint Public Library, Middleton, MA