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Page Turner Adventures features Riley Roam as the Intrepid Storyologist Page Turner and former Ringling Bros. Clown Kenny Mikey as her wacky sidekick. Together they transform the audience into STORYOLOGISTS and send them on comic quests of controlled chaos.

Children interact directly with the actors, solving problems, and overcoming obstacles, while they run, jump, and climb their way to a satisfying conclusion they help to create. By turning the audience into the main character of the story, the shows empower kids to become readers and writers.

The performances combine slapstick, storytelling, juggling, unicycling, stilt walking, improv comedy and larger-than-life props and costumes for a totally unique theatrical experience.

THE MIXED-UP FAIRY TALE In this musical show, the audience must convince Red Riding Hood to give up her cape, discover the secret under grandma’s bed, climb a beanstalk and meet a REAL GIANT!

STEAM TRUNK CIRCUS A steamer trunk, a mysterious book, and a hat belonging to Harry Houdini are brought to life in a show that’s filled with fantastic physical feats! Ideal way to introduce elements from the STEAM curriculum to students.

THE GREAT PIZZA CONTEST It’s funny, punny and always sunny in the town of Mozzarella where there are two feuding pizza makers, Vincent Van Dough and Leonardo Da Munchi. The kids in the audience become the citizens of Mozzarella and help Mayor Anne Chovi decide once and for all who makes the best pizza in town! Hilarity delivered, guaranteed!

Page Turner Adventures activates children’s bodies, fascinates their minds and frees their creativity. A must for kids, parents and teachers! Shelly Bradshaw, The Broward Center, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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