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Tim and Robin Balster present shows that are non-stop quality entertainment! Laughter is contagious when audience members find themselves in hilarious situations as they are called onstage to help create the magic. Performances can be tailored to any age group or occasion. Music, audience participation, live animals, and special effects all add up to a sensational show that will sweep any audience into a world of wonder.

Tim and Robin dazzle audiences with their display of prestidigitation! This fast-paced spectacle features large illusions such as the Broomstick Suspension, an amazing defiance of gravity; Metamorphosis, Houdini's mysterious masterpiece; and Duck Soup, in which kids learn the hilarious consequences of not following instructions.

Celebrate the world’s seasonal holidays with this festive program, featuring a magic elf, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, upbeat music, toy soldiers, and magically appearing Snow white doves- all set in a winter wonderland. In this production, Tim helps a mischievous elf learn the importance of respecting the property, feelings and beliefs of Others. Audience participation is a key element in the success of this exciting program.

Tim and Robin Balster present an all-new magic spectacular. Join Harriet Peabody as Willard the Wizard of Wisdom teaches her that the greatest secrets to magic and life is to possess good reading skills and to know how to find the books she needs. With its large illusions and innovative masks, this is an audience-participation treat for all!

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