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Click HERE to download study guides and promotional materials for If You Give a Pig a Pancake & Other Story Books

If you liked Theatreworks USA's If You give a Mouse a Cookie & Other Story Books, you'll love our latest production of mini-musicals based on popular kids' books!

DIARY OF A WORM It's great to be a worm, but a wormy life also has its difficulties (like wiggling across a playground as human kids jimp rope). Follow a worm's adventures as he writes about them all in his diary.

FLUFFY THE CLASSROOM GUINEA PIG When Fluffy enters the Best Pets Contest, a pesky flea threatens to derail the entire competition.

HORACE & MORRIS BUT MOSTLY DOLORES Three mice promise to be friends forever. But when Horace and Morris join the Mega-Mice Club (for boys only!), and Dolores becomes a Cheese Puff (for girls only!), what will happen to their friendship?

HOW I BECAME A PIRATE Young Jeremy Jacob would love to sail away and be a pirate -- no vegetables, no manners, no bedtime, and no rules at all! He soon discovers that there's really no place like home.

IF YOU GIVE A PIG A PANCAKE A bossy pig's demands frazzle a little girl in this hilarious lesson about cause-and-effect.

LILLY'S BIG DAY Lilly's teacher is getting married, and she just knows that she'll be a great flower girl, despite the fact that Mr. Slinger has already asked his niece. When she suffers a bout of stage fright, it's up to Lilly to save the day!

THE PAPER BAG PRINCESS When a ferocious dragon smashes Princess Elizabeth's castle, burns all her fancy clothes, and kidnaps the prince, she dons a paper bag and comes to the rescue. Target is the National Tour Sponsor of this production.