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Big sisters have big responsibilities, especially when the little brother is a big trouble-maker! Join in the fun as TheatreworksUSA presents a lovable new musical full of fun and sibling revelry: Max and Ruby!

Ruby, a seven-year-old rabbit, loves her Grandma very much and wants to do something special for her. She gets the brilliant idea to put on a show, with music and costumes and a castle and everything! She'll need some help, though, so she tries to enlist her little brother Max. Ruby wants to put on a play about a princess, but Max is already playing a cowboy. Ruby wants to work quietly, but Max is enjoying his noisy toys. Ruby wants to look for costumes, but Max is too busy looking for frogs!

Max is no help at all, so Ruby recruits her Bunny Scout friends for assistance. But can the help her finish Grandma's play in time? Find out in this delightful musical based on the top-rated Nickelodeon television show inspired by Rosemary Wells' bunny siblings, Max and Ruby!

Scenes from Theatreworks USA's musical "MAX & RUBY." Music & Lyrics by Carol Hall, Book by Glen Berger, based on the Max & Ruby characters by Rosemary Wells, directed by Randy White, choreographed by Tracy Bersley. Video features members of the 2007 Off-Broadway cast: Kelly Felthous, Lee Markham, Jonathan Monk, Amelia Morgan-Rothschild, Karla Mosley, and Nancy Slusser.