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We thank you for donating to our neighbors in their time of need.

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Do you...

  • Believe the arts have an important place in child development and can enrich their lives?
  • Believe in supporting the largest-serving theatre company for young audiences? No other company is developing work and reaching young people at a comparable level to Theatreworks (over 3 million kids per year in 46 states).
  • Believe in supporting the creation of new work that is specifically made to address the needs of young people?
  • Believe in supporting theatre that not only your students, kids and grandkids can enjoy but you can as well!? Theatreworks employs acclaimed and fresh artists to infuse shows with vibrancy that pleases both young and adult palates. 

Then donate NOW!

In these tough times, donations in any amount make a difference. Don’t have a lot to give? No problem. All it takes is $1 to make a difference in a child's life. Have a little more to give? You can also make contributions on behalf of friends and family. Just tell us their name and email address and we’ll make sure to let them know you wanted their voice to be heard in support of great children’s theatre.



Is there any other theatre company serving America’s youth like Theatreworks?

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